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Community Activist

Wawona Brotherhood

The first volume of Timothy Fitzgerald's
trilogy, "The Wawona Brotherhood: The San Jose State Campus  Revolt,"
chronicles his civil rights experiences at San Jose State University during the turbulent 1960s through the early 1970s. Read more.
Diamond in the Rough

A Diamond in the Rough" is the second volume in Timothy Fitzgerald's trilogy in which Timothy Fitzgerald along with others fight for urban renewal in San Jose in the 1970s and 1980s.
Fitzgerald later runs for San Jose City Council in 1982. Read more.

Poetry Book

This complete collection of his poetry, "Impressions from Idle Rock" sets forth Timothy Fitzgerald's feelings about the world around us from the time Fitzgerald came of age to his retreat from Silicon Valley thirty years later. Read more.

Timothy K. Fitzgerald has been a community activist in San Jose for over thirty years. In 1982, he ran for San Jose City Council. In the 1990s, Fitzgerald ran for State Assembly and was the Vice Chairman of the Disability Advisory Commission of San Jose in 1997. In addition, Fitzgerald was a Green Party state leader for fifteen years.
Fitzgerald is enrolled in the over-60 program at San Jose State University as a post-graduate student; and is now completing his third master's degree. He is on track to be awarded this degree in Philosophy in fall 2011. Read more.

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I recently published the second volume in my memoir trilogy, "A Diamond in the Rough." I previously published the first volume in the trilogy, "The Wawona Brotherhood: The San Jose State Campus Revolt." I am also the author of the poetry book, "Impressions from Idle Rock."

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